Hire professional concrete removal services

Concrete is fantastic material, without it there would be no high-rise buildings; it can be poured into the most interesting shapes and makes great driveways and patios. The material has an unlimited life span, and in some cases, this is the problem; how do you get rid of it? There are many reasons to remove concrete, perhaps a sewer under the drive breaks or maybe it’s time to eliminate an old eye-sore patio and plant the area in garden; whatever the reason, it is a backbreaking task, this is definitely the time to hire professional concrete removal services.

The most common concrete structure that is removed is a slab; just exactly what is in it? A typical slab that has been poured as a driveway, sidewalk or patio is usually between three and six inches thick. Patios are normally thinner than driveways simply because there is not the weight of a vehicle to deal with. A slab usually contains some form of reinforcing material, this can be a series of bars that are laid at 90 degrees and wired together or it can be a heavy wire mesh. Regardless of what was used when the slab was poured, there is no way to tell in advance, the reinforcement will not be revealed until the slab is being removed.

When you hire professional concrete removal services they have equipment that is ideal for the job, they can break the slab up and remove the broken concrete in a fraction of the time that a homeowner with a sledgehammer can; and with a lot less muscle pain for the man of the house.

Although concrete is exceedingly strong, it is also quite brittle. You can bang away all day at the middle of the slab and all you will get out of it is exasperation. As long as concrete is supported it will be exceedingly hard to break up. When you use the powerful equipment that professionals have at their disposal it is far easier because they are wise enough to start at the edges. If the ground supporting the slab has eroded a little around the edges a decent impact will break it, this is the key to breaking up concrete.

Professionals have equipment that they use to break up the concrete, saw or shear through the reinforcing steel and remove the material in no time. The wise homeowner will hire professional concrete removal services and save his energy to prepare the area for a new garden spot.

A homeowner that needs to remove a concrete slab has only two options; break his back with a sledgehammer or hire professional concrete removal services. Call Lethal Excavations; you may have the job but they have the right equipment.

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