Essential Components Of A CNC Plasma Cutting Table

In today’s highly technical age, a CNC plasma cutting table is the norm. It is the ideal tool for many industries when it comes to cutting and shaping metal. This popular device consists of several components. They may vary according to specific model and manufacturer. Yet, overall, each CNC plasma system is comprised of a variation of the parts provided below.

CNC Control System

It does not matter what type of CNC system you employ, if the machinery is CNC, it must have a form of “brain” – including specific software, to run the devices. The CNC brain sets the pace by controlling the speed. It also:

 * Controls the direction
 * Sets the height for the pieces
 * Indicates how to operate
 * Reveals when to operate the machinery

The CNC control is the major controller of all the drive motors and any other tools placed on the plasma system. It does take orders from the machine operator and any computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) software. By converting them to electrical signals, the CNC can control all functionality of the plasma system.

CAD and CAM Software

The CNC of a plasma cutter may be the brains of the outfit. It cannot function correctly, however, without the use of specific CNC software. It provides the efficiency and works with the CNC system to direct and control the plasma torch in cutting the metal. The right CAM and CAD software programs are essential if the overall plasma system is to function to its maximum potential.

Mechanical Parts

Every plasma machine has moving parts. These components will consist of several including:

 * Long axis or gantry
 * Torch carriage
 * Up-and-down axis or Z-axis

These components are essential. They manipulate and move the plasma torch in order to cut the specifically requested parts.

Fume Control System

Staff near a CNC plasma cutting table are aware of the amount of smoke and fumes produced when it is in operation. In order to prevent health and safety issues, each machine features one of two types of fume control. These are:

1. Downdraft fume control
2. Water table control

Talk to a manufacturer of which type of fume control system will be the most effective in your manufacturing facility.

Purchasing a CNC Plasma Cutting Table

CNC plasma cutters are available in many diverse shapes and sizes. If you are considering installing one, be sure to look at the quality of construction. Are they stable? Is the welding solid? If your budget permits, purchase a high quality CNC plasma cutting table knowing it will prove to me more accurate and efficient than the less expensive models.

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