Key Signs Of The Best Trucking Companies To Work For In The USA

While many truckers go through trucking school paid by a company, there are truckers that also pay their own way through school, or move up through other trucking companies to find themselves in a position to look for employment as a trucker.

Unfortunately, many of the trucking websites tend to focus on problems, and really don’t highlight how to find the best trucking companies to work for in any state. By knowing what to look for, and what are potential red flags to avoid, even new truckers can find a top company and get started in their career.

Company Policies

When talking to recruiters, or when applying in person, don’t be afraid to ask about company policies. In other words, it is not a problem to ask about what you can expect should you choose to be hired on with the company. Asking about issues such as:

 * Medical and dental plans
 * Disability coverage
 * Tuition reimbursement plans
 * Time at home
 * Long or short haul driving options
 * Bonuses
 * Personal leave

Additionally, some drivers may need to be home for specific dates and times, particularly if they have children or are caring for aging parents. The best trucking companies to work for will be able to work with you as much as possible, or notify you if they cannot accommodate your scheduling needs.

Talking to a recruiter is only step one. Talking directly to trucking companies that are hiring drivers is also important, and it can provide you with the perfect job customized to your needs.

Rider or Pets

Increasingly trucking companies are clamping down on riders in the truck or even drivers having pets. On the other hand, research tends to indicate that pets and riders increase the motivation for a driver to take regular breaks, get some time outside of the truck, and stay focused on the road.

While different drivers may see this as important or not the best trucking companies to work for offer options to allow the drive to have kids, spouses, pets or other approved individuals in the cab with them, aside from a specific dock or loading area policies.

Of course, asking about the type of tractor you will be operating, and ensuring that you have an assigned driver manager will also be critical to consider. The more options and features that the company offers for drivers, the more you know their focus is on keeping you as a driver for their fleet.

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