Enjoy Old Kenya in Comfort

Kisumu is one of the oldest cities in Kenya and also one of the largest. As an urban port city, it offers access to nightlife, entertainment and scenic views of Lake Victoria. It’s an exciting time to visit this part of the world, with commerce on the rise but vacation options still novel and affordable. Vacationing in Kenya is gaining in popularity, with elegant holiday suites in Kisumu providing the perfect base-camp for your explorations.

Lake Victoria

Who doesn’t want to visit the largest tropical lake in the world? Lake Victoria is the biggest of Africa’s Great Lakes and worthy of a visit in its own right though your Kisumu hotel room may well have a view overlooking the water. You can enjoy the lake from the shores or take a boat ride to see a little more of its expanse. Since Lake Victoria acts as both a natural beauty and a means of commercial transport, Kisumu is rich with business and leisure; your vacation will be as relaxing as you want it to be and exciting when you need a change of pace.

Local Fare

Fine dining is available throughout the city, and even right in the holiday suites in Kisumu. Fish is among the most popular food options, cooked in a variety of ways specific to the region. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try any number of dishes you’ve never heard of, or enjoy the comfort foods you’re more familiar with. While not widely known, Kenya has a blossoming wine scene, so make sure to enjoy some of the local varietals while relaxing in your hotel room or out on the veranda enjoying the weather. Any holiday deserves good food, and a visit to Kisumu is no different.


A visit to any part of Africa should involve some wildlife viewing. One of the best sanctuaries to visit is the Kenya Wildlife Impala Park, not far from where you’ll find the best holiday suites in Kisumu. The park also hosts dozens of species of bird and some other animals that were brought from the wild to rehabilitate. This sanctuary is right off of Lake Victoria, making it the choice location for enjoying the surrounding nature and the indigenous creatures.

Any traveler should have holiday suites in Kisumu on their visiting list. The Vittoria Suites provide access to all the activities you could want without sacrificing the comfort and relaxation that people have come to need from their vacations.

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