The Importance of Top Soil in Connecticut

Top soil in Connecticut is considered to be an extremely important natural resource. It takes almost five centuries for a single inch of quality topsoil to be created in nature. In most cases, topsoil is the initial six to 12 inches of soil found in a garden or yard. However, it has become harder to find due to large landscaping projects and conventional gardening.

Why is Quality Topsoil so Important?

Quality top soil in Connecticut is essential. When a person is able to find this quality soil, it means the right amount of nutrients are present, and it has the proper consistency. It is important to note that it is much easier to add more nutrients to the soil than to attempt to try and adjust the soil’s consistency. In order to determine topsoil quality, it is necessary to test the pH level. It should be in the range of 5.5 to 7.0. The test can be done with a basic pH meter. If the quality is off, then adding nutrients can restore it to a proper balance.

Why is it Important to Use Caution when Purchasing Topsoil?

Currently, there are not any regulations related to topsoil available for sale at a traditional store. This means that shoppers need to be careful and find out everything they can about the topsoil prior to making a purchase. In some cases, the topsoil that is being purchased may be worse than the topsoil that is already present in the yard or garden.

It is also important to know that some soils are taken from old farmland, which means there may be pesticides, herbicides and even various types of chemical fertilizer residue present. To avoid this, take some time to have a smaller sample tested prior to purchasing the soil.

While it may seem insignificant to think about topsoil, it can make a huge difference in the success or failure of a garden. Take some time to learn about the topsoil being purchased to ensure the right kind is acquired.

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