Early Childhood Caries

ECC, early childhood caries, occasionally referred to as baby bottle tooth decay or bottle rot, includes an infectious oral disease discovered in young kids. Bacteria present inside the mouth eat sugars left behind after liquids such as formula, juice or milk are consumed, and produce acids which attack tooth enamel and lead to cavities. ECC is extremely preventable by restricting bedtime snacks and beverages and proper dental care visits with our Dentist Open Saturdays in Chino.

Should you put your child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup?

ECC occurs most as parents place kids to bed with a “sippy cup” or bottle full of formula, soda, or milk, or when kids are offered carbohydrate-loaded snacks prior to them going to bed. Even natural sugars in healthy drinks can be attacked by bacteria and by-products of their digestion will eat away at tooth enamel. The bacteria will be passed to the youngster by the caregiver and aren’t naturally occurring at birth. Oftentimes, white spots on the teeth include the first indication of decay.

Risk factors

ECC risk factors involve poverty and extremely young mothers, who might not have the maturity or education to correctly care for their kid’s teeth or excellent healthcare resources. Maternal smoking while pregnant and longer time between dental visitations also have been discovered to contribute. As kids age, their incidence of ECC increases. Solid foods which stick to the teeth, as well as more frequent snacking establish a situation perfect for bacteria that causes cavities.

ECC studies

Research conducted in 2011 exhibited a new pathogen, Scardovia wiggsiae, which was present in serious instances of early childhood caries. Streptococcus mutans includes a bacteria mainly known for producing ECC, yet the pathogen showed up where the bacteria wasn’t present. This research might assist healthcare professionals in devising cures and treatment.

How to prevent ECC

To prevent the disease from taking hold, caregivers and parents may wipe their baby’s mouth using a damp, clean cloth after eating and two times per day. The infant shouldn’t go to sleep with a bottle containing anything except water. Snacking certainly can be restricted. Dental visits to our Dentist Open Saturdays in Chino facilities should begin about age one. At 6 months, brush using a soft brush and no toothpaste, and routine brushing with supervision may start around age 2 until the child is able to do it alone. Most future health problems may be prevented by eliminating serious infectious ECC.

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