Does Your Business Need Hazardous Location Lighting?

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Lighting

Safety requirements are essential for your business location and home, and this includes lighting. The wrong kind of lighting can be a fire hazard, and that is why you need hazardous location lighting in an area that poses a significant fire risk. If you are working in an area that contains a significant amount of flammable material, look for lighting that will protect your home and business.

What Are Hazardous Locations?

Hazardous locations are those that contain flammable chemicals, vapors, liquids, or dust and fibers that can be easily ignitable. Examples of these locations include:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Dry cleaning stores
  • Grain elevators
  • Places that have magnesium and aluminum powders

The above-mentioned areas are those which may require hazardous location lighting. It is worth the investment to provide your location with the safest lights available that are durable and resistant to explosion.

Hazardous Location Lighting Features

Hazardous location lighting is made for intense working conditions and will not shatter under pressure. Look for lights that are explosion-resistant and meet with safety regulations. Versatility is also important for a variety of jobs, and lights with rotating hooks and rough service bulbs can be used for multiple tasks. Cordless and portable lights allow you to change your location to safe areas while you are working. In addition, a leak detection work light will help you maintain a high-level of security.

Making Work Easier and Safer

Focus on your tasks with peace of mind by installing hazardous location lighting. It is worth the making the switch to safe, high-quality lighting to keep your area secure and protected from fire and other disasters. Look for the right features that are best for your work environment and choose lights that combine safety and quality illumination.

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