Tips to Avoid Injuries when Hanging Christmas Lights

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Lighting

Regardless of if you are just planning to wrap a few of your trees with lights, or if you are installing so much holiday sparkle that you will be the hit of the neighborhood, there are injuries that may occur. The fact is, putting up Christmas lights in Dallas and other décor are a serious cause of injuries during the holiday season. You can suffer an injury even if you don’t fall very far. In fact, you only have to fall a few feet to break a bone, suffer a concussion or experience some other type of injury.

The good news is, there are some tips you can use to help avoid injuries and accidents while putting up your seasonal décor this year.

Avoid Drinking and Decorating

When you are planning to put up your Christmas lights in Dallas, make sure you lay off the spirits until after the job is done. The fact is, a large percentage of decorating accidents involve alcohol.

Don’t Decorate without Help

If you do happen to fall or suffer some other type of injury while putting up lights, you need someone to be around to call for help. The same goes for other people who may be decorating. Make sure you, or someone else, stays nearby to ensure no serious injuries or accidents occur.

Inspect the Ladder before Use

You need to make sure your ladder is on solid, even ground. You should use the four-to-one rule, which states for every four feet you go up the ladder, move the base a foot away from the side of the house or building. Also, make sure that someone holds the ladder steady for you at all times.

When it comes to Christmas lights in Dallas, make sure to use the tips here to avoid accidents and injuries.

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