Diverse General Contractors in Mitchell

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

The term General Contractors in Mitchell implies a company that can do a little bit of everything in construction in one certain area. There are general contractors for houses, commercial buildings, facilities, industrial applications, and municipal buildings. There are not many general contractors that can provide designs, solutions, and buildings for all areas of construction. Some specialize in agricultural buildings and storage needs, some can build and provide masonry or carpentry work, others design and manage the construction of metal buildings. Diverse General Contractors in Mitchell do it all, including designing, managing, and building structures, metal buildings, grain bins, sports arenas, storage facilities, municipal buildings. and commercial and industrial manufacturing plants.

Design and engineering services combine with building and management teams to provide turnkey solutions for several applications and business sectors. Structural steel erection, concrete flat work and foundation, pre-engineered metal buildings, grain handling and drying systems, pre-construction services, and re-roofing solutions are all available from one company. General Contractors in Mitchell, such as Palace Builders Inc in Mitchell, have over thirty-five years experience in meeting the needs of businesses in the public, private, and agricultural sector. Butler metal buildings have been suiting several needs for over one-hundred years. Turnkey solutions include budgeting and expert Butler building design consultation, pre-construction services, and complete construction management from getting appropriate permits to completion of the project. Butler buildings have been used for churches, community buildings, athletic facilities, and manufacturing facilities.

Re-roofing solutions include many low-cost and energy-efficient options that provide a high return on the business investment. Brock brand of grain bins and commodity storage units are available, and can be constructed, in various shapes and sizes. In addition to full services, management, and designing, the company is a Brock Dryer, and Shiver System authorized dealer for grain drying equipment. Used equipment is also for sale. Single-story storage units are versatile, durable, and come in several bay sizes. Different unit sizes can be combined to design a facility that caters to many storage needs. Regardless of what the needs are, a cost-effective and complete solution can be designed, managed, and built by the same team. That eliminates confusion, waste, and delays, as well as saves money and time.

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