Are Eyelash Extensions More Convenient than Wearing Mascara?

Like mascara, extensions make the eyelashes fuller and longer than natural. Unlike mascara, the extensions are semi-permanent and last up to a month. Mascara requires a daily application, but this does not apply to eyelash extensions. Grand Rapids stylists apply the extensions by bonding each one to an existing eyelash with a special glue. This procedure takes time, but it results in evenly-spaced lashes that are full and thick.

Saves Time
Caring for your eyelashes takes 10 to 15 minutes each day, more time if you add additional sets to your makeup routine. Applying mascara, curling eyelashes, applying store bought fake eyelashes, or applying lengthening mascara is time-consuming. With extensions, there is no need for any of these products.

Eyelash extensions last about three to four weeks as long as you maintain them. Instead of spending the extra time to make sure your lashes are perfect every day, you can sleep in an extra 10 minutes or add a little excercise to your morning routine. Extensions take an average of two hours for a stylist to apply, but you can easily spend more than an hour per week just on your lashes. With extensions, no matter what kind of day you are planning, your lashes will look perfect without any time spent in front of the mirror.

Low Maintenance
Eyelash extensions require very little maintenance to keep them looking natural. Most stylists will recommend that you avoid saunas, water-proof mascara, oil-based eye makeup remover, and eyelash curlers. Other than that, there are no special procedures to follow for the three to four weeks that they last.

No Mess
Once a stylist applies the eyelash extensions, there is no need to worry about spending time cleaning splotches off your face. The extensions do not smear, and you can touch them—carefully. If you’ve ever used mascara, you know how much of a mess wet lashes make if you touch them. Plus, over time mascara smudges. The extensions allow you to enjoy your beautiful full eyelashes without smudging above or under your eyes. Without the extra mess, getting ready to go out takes mere minutes.

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