Differences Between Flame And Fire Resistant Jackets

Protective clothing can consist of shirts, pants, booties, mittens/gloves and jackets. They come in many varieties, including fireproof, flameproof, flame and fire resistant options. Each one has its place in various industries, such as the oil/gas industry, mining, medical and more. It’s important to teach employees about safety, including what to wear and when.


Fireproof options mean that the item or fabric used cannot burn. Many traditional items are fireproof, such as metals, but to be fireproof clothing, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states that the entire fabric must be 100 percent fireproof and has gone through rigorous testing to prove it cannot be damaged from flame.


Flameproof is used synonymously with fireproof and means the same thing.

Fire/Flame Resistant/Retardant

Flame retardant/resistance means that, over time, the flames could cause the fabric to burn, but that it will retard, resist or prevent the spreading of the flames. These fabrics are made by using flame-retardant fibers or by using special treatments to make ordinary materials flame retardant.

Fire resistant clothing, including jackets, are slightly different than flame retardant. Most of them are designed to self-extinguish once the ignition source is removed. That means that if you run through flames, and they’re on the clothing, they will automatically be put out once you are through the flame.

In most cases, it will not matter if your fabrics are chemically treated to self-extinguish flames or be slower burning in nature. Some companies call this option flame retardant and consider fire resistance to use materials that are not flammable to begin with.

It’s important to understand what your employer requires, what you feel most comfortable with and which options will work best for you. If you’re unsure of what is expected or preferred, ask someone to get the answer you need. Contact MPE at website  for more information. Follow us on twitter.com.

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