Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Different Bathroom Designs in Encinitas

It’s time for a complete update of the master bathroom. As exciting as the prospect is for the homeowner, there is the need to make some decisions before anything is ripped out of the space. Here are some matters that need to be resolved while considering all those options for Bathroom Designs in Encinitas.

Does the Design Work in the Space?

Some Bathroom Designs in Encinitas need a lot of floor space to provide the look and the function desired. While some can be scaled to fit any amount of square footage, others will only work well in larger areas. Before deciding that a given design is ideal, find out what it would take to adapt it to the dimensions of the current bathroom. Doing so will reduce the chances of making an unpleasant discovery in the middle of the renovation.

What About the Colors Used for the Major Elements?

Renovating a bathroom is more involved than coming up with a new window treatment and will cost significantly more. When considering the color scheme that will prevail, consider going with neutral tones for the tub, the lavatory, and the toilet. It wouldn’t hurt to choose a tile color that tends to remain popular as the years pass. Making color choices on what is popular today could mean needing to redo the space five years from now. By contrast, using traditional shades and using the currently popular colors for things like shower curtains and the artwork will make it easy to update the space when the need arises.

How Much Will It Cost?

Unless the homeowner recently won the lottery, the cost for the renovation must be kept within a certain range. When comparing different designs, find out how much it will cost to rip out elements that need to go, purchase replacements, and have a professional take care of the installation. If a given idea is outside the budget, keep looking for something affordable.

For homeowners who need help with bathroom renovations, visit Guedes Construction Inc. today and arrange to speak with a contractor. After taking a tour of the space and getting some idea of what the client has in mind, it will be easy to come up with design ideas that will work and also happen to fit into the client’s budget.

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