Custom CNC Machining: Meeting Today’s Industrial Demands

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Machinery and Equipment

Machine shops have been around for more than a century. Over the years, the process has evolved changing from manual to automated technology. Computer numerical control or CNC is a common tool of today’s machine shops. They are providers of standards components. For those specialized components or prototypes, many firms request custom CNC machining.

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining utilizes a variety of tools to accomplish the manufacturing of a product or component. CNC controlled machining tools include:

 * Drilling machines
 * Grinders
 * Lathes
 * Milling machines
 * Routers

Employed to machine a variety of materials – including plastic and metal, CNC machining utilizes a customized computer program to control all the features of the process. This includes such things as:

 * Coordination
 * Feed rate
 * Positioning
 * Speed

This makes CNC machining a method to reduce the risk for errors.

Why Use CNC Machining?

Machine shops and manufacturing firms opt for CNC machining for a variety of reasons. Many of them relate to the quality of the product. The process:

 * Provides excellent repeatability

 * Precise production

 * Addresses the issue of replication of complex shapes as easily as simple ones

 * Reduces the amount of physical labor involved

 * Can operate 24 hours a day without stopping

 * Requires less skilled or trained individuals to operate

 * Are easy to update by adding improved software

In tasks where a high level of precision is required, CNC machining is a preferred option. The same applies when the tasks requested are very repetitive.

The same principles and advantages apply to custom CNC machining. The technology allows the operator to produce a result that creates the specific part they require as an actual component or as a prototype for later production.

Why Custom CNC Machining?

Companies today do not have time to waste in producing a faulty product. They cannot afford the squandering of material, time and money. Custom machining addresses these issues. Machinists can take a design or an existing part. Using CNC machining, they can customize. The result is a product that meets the expectations and requirements of the manufacturer.

Machine shops who work closely with the manufacturer can provide them with the products according to exacting specifications. They can do so in the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable manner. This results in all parties obtaining specifically what they needed. It also clearly indicates why custom CNC machining is one of the best means to satisfy the budget, material and production requirements of any component or prototype, complex or simple.

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