A Coolant Return System Saves You Money

Metal shops use a lot of coolants to keep equipment running properly. To save money, it’s important to look for ways to reduce your coolant usage. The best way is through recycling your coolant so that you don’t have to dispose of it so quickly. Recycling coolant can reduce your coolant costs by up to 80%. Using a coolant separator and coolant return system is what allows you to recycle your coolant for several uses before disposal.

A coolant separator removes the tramp oil that accumulates in your coolant as it is used. Once the oil is removed, the coolant return system allows it to be reused several times before it must be disposed of. This recycling allows you to run a cleaner shop, along with reducing your coolant costs.

Recycling also allows your shop to be more environmentally friendly. You’ll have less coolant to dispose of, which also reduce costs since there is a cost associated with safe coolant disposal. You’ll also find that your shop is cleaner and requires less cleaning. The air will also be cleaner for your employees so that you may see reduced employee sick days over time, as well. You can bet that employees will be happier to be working in a cleaner shop.

Talk with your dealer regarding adding a coolant separator and coolant return system to your shop. They can make recommendations on which systems will work best in your shop, and which will meet your budget. While you will have some upfront costs, you can easily see how this investment pays for itself quickly with the reduction in coolant costs. And, once the system is paid for, those savings are still around. Adding a coolant separator and coolant return system may be the simplest step you’ve ever taken to reduce costs in your shop.

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