Annual Preventative Maintenance Can Avoid Costly Repairs later

Winter is around the corner in North Carolina, which means time to turn on the heat. If your heater malfunctions during this time, it can be havoc on you and your family. In addition to their comfort being compromised, it puts them at risk as well. To ensure you don’t need to call for Heating Repair in Charlotte, NC in the middle of a cold winter night, preventative maintenance is recommended.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential; common small issues are taken care of before turning into big costly problems. With preventative maintenance to your heating system, every part is covered to ensure it runs at the best performance allowed. An HVAC Contractor inspects all details for dependability as well as precision, such as the filters, belts, drainage, fluids, along with much more. An HVAC system working at high efficiency not only lowers energy costs but increases the systems lifespan.

It is recommended that you have preventative maintenance performed annually by a qualified HVAC Repair contractor. Some HVAC system warranties do cover damage that occurred when annual maintenance is not performed.

Replacing Air Filter

Our HVAC systems air filter needs regular replacing, however, many homeowners are unsure what type is best for their system. When considering a new air filter, there are many different ones to choose from. Some need to be changed more often than others, and some are specific for the type of heating system. This can be confusing, during annual maintenance a professional contractor, such as JLK Mechanical, can inform you which filter to use and explain how and when to change it.

Safety of Home and Family

The safety of your family is the most important factor why preventative maintenance should be performed. During the process of combustion, while your HVAC systems are heating your home, carbon monoxide is produced and then exhausted from your home. If such components as the gas valve calibration, heat exchanger, or gas burner are malfunctioning, the air within your home can become hazardous from carbon monoxide possibly seeping back into your home. Avoid costly Heating Repair in Charlotte, NC, with annual preventative maintenance from a qualified HVAC professional. For more information contact us at our website.

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