Create a Thanksgiving Helicopter Ride Around New York

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade through the streets of NYC is always an event that draws millions to the city and even more to the television to watch it happen. There are cheering crowds and happy people all around, making it a holiday that everyone loves. Chances are though, that if you’re there in the crowd, you won’t get to see much over the heads of all the others and after it’s over there is traffic everywhere and tourists flooding every sidewalk. Create your own helicopter ride around New York for you and a loved one or your family members and see the entire city without the chaos.

Make Your Holiday Greater
The lights and decorations of the tree at Rockefeller center and all over the city are a sight that you don’t want to miss, but that doesn’t mean that Thanksgiving can’t be a holiday filled with beautiful views and sights to behold as well!
* Thanksgiving leftovers are a treat and turkey sandwiches are an excellent snack on any day touring the city but where will you sit down and have your next feast? Take a helicopter ride around New York and land somewhere beautiful, perhaps along the Hudson River or out on the east end of Long Island, for a Thanksgiving picnic. Bring some extra blankets and sweaters and enjoy the peace of Montauk beach without having to worry about the three-hour drive it takes to get there.
* A helicopter tour can give you and your loved ones a view of the city that you never imagined was possible. Look the Statue of Liberty in the eyes, see the observation deck of the Empire State Building from above, and catch a breathtaking view of Belvedere Castle in Central Park without having to get lost in The Rambles to find it.
* After your holiday dinner, use a chartered flight to see the night skyline lit up below you as you fly over the city. Pumpkin pie is a wonderful dessert but why not top it all off with a ride that makes your night beautiful and happy for a memory that you won’t ever forget.

Use a pre-arranged tour or create your own ride for a holiday adventure that could become the next great tradition for your family and loved ones.

Booking is Easy
Learn about all the ways that you can create your own helicopter ride around New York at New York Helicopter’s website or call today and talk to the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives. The expert pilots of New York Helicopter have excellent safety records so that you can feel confident that your ride will be all that you hoped. They are committed to service that will turn your next ride into a Thanksgiving tradition for many years to come.

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