Coordinating Jewelry And Jewelry Trays For Maximum Effect

How a store displays jewelry has an influence on how customers react to the jewelry item. This is true for all types of jewelry from lower cost items to the luxurious items that are truly one of a kind.

Having specialized displays in some cases and in windows is a great way to draw in customers, but using good quality jewelry trays to maximize the use of space in cases and displays is also an important factor. The jewelry should never look crowded or stacked in the area, but there also has to be enough to appeal to a wide range of different tastes and style preferences.

Typically, jewelry trays are used for rings, necklaces, bracelets and sets. The different styles and sizes of trays can also be selected to allow the use of stands, which is a great option for adding a more dimensional look to the case rather than all flat trays.

Background Color and Fabric

There are different colors of background fabric that can be used in jewelry trays. The darker colors are a good match to show of gold and vibrant gemstones, allowing the color to really take center stage.

Light colors are a great option for diamonds as they allow light into the diamond and create that internal fire and brilliance that is the drawing point of these gems. Patterned fabrics can be used around the display or as a background for solid jewelry items such as cuff bracelets or larger chains and pendants to create a unique look on the tray.

Textures are also important in marketing jewelry. For men’s jewelry, more of a suede or a slightly more textured look is often an excellent option for gold and silver jewelry that is heavier by design.

For finer jewelry items and the prestigious items such as engagement and wedding rings and fine women’s necklaces and bracelets, a satin fabric gives that extra touch of sophistication and elegance.

Linen is a good all-purpose fabric and also a great option on inserts for jewelry trays that can be used to present items from the case to the customers. They are available in a range of different colors from the standard white and beige and allow options to choose from when showing specific styles and types of jewelry.

As with any type of display, the choice of trays for jewelry needs to be a reflection of the pieces of jewelry, the theme of the display and the message you want to send to customers. By creating a unique display in each case you add interest and appeal, encouraging customers to browse around the store and find something that catches their eye.

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