What is Search Engine Marketing?

The overall concept behind search engine marketing is very simple: when a business person or consumer searches on the Internet through either clicking through or text in a box, searching for something specific. They are looking for very detailed information, and they want it as fast as possible. But not only does it have to be fast, it also has to be accurate and up to date. Focusing on search engine traffic will impact you, your business, and your potential and current customers in a number of ways.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine traffic is a method of marketing that is not intrusive. A lot of online advertising bothers or annoys the audience and interrupts what they are trying to accomplish online. SEM is a great way to market your product or service to a customer without having bothered them in some way. Then you will have their full attention.

SEM is audience driven which means that the results that they are seeing are based on what they have already been searching for. If they clicked on a link about cell phones, then search engine marketing might be a great way to get their attention without impeding on what they are already doing.
Some companies use paid search ads in order to play into the mind of the customer. These typically happen on mobile devices and some examples of these are: paid placement, video search ads, product listing ads, local search ads, and shopping search ads just to name a few. These are all products that you have already been searching for online.

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