Contemporary Funeral Services Honor the Deceased and Comfort the Bereaved in Atlantic Highlands

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Funeral Services

The death of a loved one is difficult, particularly when you must make decisions about funeral arrangements while still in shock from the loss. When you’re planning a Funeral Atlantic Highlands, the tough decisions are made easier if you’ve chosen a funeral home with especially comforting staff. The John P. Condon family is just that. They are striving to revolutionize the way memorials are conducted, helping the bereaved to honor the departed while managing the grief process.

The John P. Condon Funeral Home understands changing perceptions regarding funeral arrangements. Many families today wish to spend less time mourning the deceased and more time remembering them, promoting emotional healing. Traditional funeral services are offered, and for many, tradition is comforting. However, even at traditional funerals, attendants are seeing more emphasis on the celebration of life. Contemporary funeral services can be centered around anything from a barbecue or tailgate party, to a last ride in a favorite vehicle, or even a rocket launch.

As you are making arrangements for the Funeral Atlantic Highlands, you must decide what will be said in your loved one’s obituary. The Condon family has also re-imagined the obituary, making it more accessible and interactive, so that the grieving can better share their sympathies and sentiments. In addition to printing the obituary in the newspaper, it can be posted in full color on the funeral home’s website. The online obituary appears similar to a social media page, yet is tastefully done. Well-wishers can write their condolences and memories in the comments section below the obituary, add photos, and even light a virtual candle.

The Condon family has also ensured that it is easier than ever to send flowers or give a gift of sympathy to the bereaved. With just a few clicks at the funeral home’s website, you may send flowers to the funeral home for the memorial service, or to the home or office of a bereaved family member. Sympathy gifts of food can be sent, such as fruit baskets, soups, pound cakes, and even full meals with pecan pie. Memorial jewelry and a variety of other sympathy gifts are also available, as well as books on coping with grief. The Condon family has overlooked nothing in their mission to help today’s bereaved families cope with their losses as they say goodbye in the way that their loved ones would have wanted.

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