The Basics of Blood Cleanup

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Most of us will have to clean up blood at least once in our lives. Whether you’re cleaning up after a trauma, accidental death or crime, you should have a Crime Scene Clean Up Folsom company to quickly assist you. Below you will find out more about the risks and procedures associated with blood cleanup.

The Risks of Blood Cleanup

Cleaning blood after a minor injury is usually simple, but if the blood is left on baseboards, carpets and floors, it can lead to bacterial and mold growth. All bodily fluids, including blood, are considered to be biohazards. A qualified crime scene restoration company will always follow the correct protocols and clean the area in a safe and sanitary way.

Procedures for Cleanup

We hope you hire CTech Restoration to do your cleanup, but if you try to do the job yourself, please follow OSHA’s Blood-borne Pathogen protocols. These rules protect those involved in the cleanup of blood, and they outline the use of protective equipment. If the equipment is properly worn, it will reduce or eliminate the chance of catching a disease.

Blood-borne Diseases

If the blood to be cleaned is on a carpet, the stained part must be safely removed. Using a knife is simple enough, but there is always the potential for an accident or infection. If a mattress is soaked in blood, removing it could put you at risk for infection, and it could contaminate every area through which it is carried. A Crime Scene Clean Up Folsom company will cut the mattress apart and put the pieces in biohazard bags, and they have the tools to safely remove blood-stained carpet.

Blood cleanup after an accident, injury or crime is difficult, and it poses risks to health and safety. If you are trying to clean up a large quantity of blood, you should follow all state, federal, local, EPA and OSHA regulations. There are other guidelines and certifications to be aware of, and they should be studied carefully before beginning the job. If you doubt your ability to clean the blood safely, hire an insured, licensed and certified cleanup company to help.


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