Colon Treatment Options For Managing Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be itchy, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. Although it can be awkward and embarrassing for patients to bring up these concerns, it shouldn’t be; it is estimated that at least half of Americans have trouble with hemorrhoids before the age of 50. Unhappily only a small number of those suffering from the condition seek medical help.¬† Patients need not fear discomfort and embarrassment. Professional and respectful staff members at hemorrhoid clinics offer painless and reliable Colon Treatment.

Hemorrhoids are caused by a swelling of veins around the rectal opening or further inside the lower rectum. Although some patients find that they clear up in just days, particularly after making appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes, untreated or chronic cases can lead to thrombosis and prolapse. These problems can be ameliorated or even avoided with appropriate medical intervention.

Specialists in Colon Treatment have experience in handling the minor itching, pain, and irritation that, along with noticeable bleeding, are the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids, as well as in removal of chronic hemorrhoids by both surgical and non-surgical means. Removal can be accomplished surgically via several simple and painless surgical procedures depending on the patient’s needs. These include fissurectomies, fistulectomies, and papillectomies.

In many cases, however, there is no need for invasive surgery. Within the last century, an electrotherapy treatment has been discovered for the non-surgical removal of internal hemorrhoids. Doctors have been using the Keesey Technique as an effective treatment for over 40 years. It uses a monopolar direct current in localized treatment that destroys hemorrhoidal tissue with no need for anesthesia, right in the office. The Keesey Technique involves only a painless and quick anoscope exam following diagnosis, and can then be used to treat up to two independent cases of internal hemorrhoid per visit with 5 to 10 minute treatments.

Although no pain has been reported during the procedure, patients have described experiences of minor discomfort during the exam and in the hours directly following treatment. Most are able to go back to normal daily activities immediately with little or no physical irritation or distress.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, consider investigating the variety of healthcare and treatment services available to you today. Offices like The Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic provide a professional and welcoming environment staffed by experienced specialists. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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