The importance of fire sprinkler system inspections

Fire sprinkler systems are incorporated into the greatest majority of building codes. Although effective fire sprinkler systems are proven to save lives and money, they are not something that can simply be set and forgotten. As a disruption of the water supply or a degradation of the system components can result in a catastrophe, regular fire sprinkler inspections in NJ are extremely important. Don’t think that once the system has been installed and tested that is the end of it, there is things that can go wrong. The common reasons for inspecting a sprinkler system include:

  • It is the law:

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) requires that fire sprinkler installations in NJ are inspected on a regular basis by licensed personnel. Local authorities have adopted the standards set out by the NFPA, for those that do not comply there is the distinct possibility of being fined or cited.

  • Water supply:

The capacity of the fire protection and suppression sprinkler system is dictated by the available water supply. For the system to perform as it should there has to be an adequate water supply. In the event there is insufficient water under pressure the sprinklers will not work to the full design potential. If the water supply is not sufficient the fire will spread rapidly.

  • The flow:

During the design stage the proper definition of the water pressure and flow rate are critical. It is extremely important that the flow actions of the water be maintained to ensure continual protection of the building and occupants.

When it comes to safety there are no acceptable short-cuts. As a building owner or manager it is your responsibility to ensure that you do everything possible to protect your investment in people and property. Regular fire sprinkler inspections in NJ are required so that the system will work as designed when the time comes that it is called upon to extinguish a fire.

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