A Clogged Main Drain Can Cause Extensive Damage To Your Home

The drainage in a typical home is akin to an organization chart. Drains from all of the fixtures in the home, which includes the sinks, showers, toilets, dish washer, etc all eventually joint together at the main drain leading from the house. Many local drain clogs can be attended to by the homeowner using conventional tools such as a plunger or a commercially available drain cleaner. This is not the case if you need main drain cleaning in Winnetka.

* Clogged toilet or drain:

There are red flags that homeowners should be aware of, water that refuses to drain away or water backing up through the toilet is a dead giveaway that there is a more serious problem. Water of course always heads for the lowest spot which is the main drain, if you flush the toilet and water comes up in the shower then the main drain is usually clogged.

* Tree roots:

One of the main reasons for requiring main drain cleaning in Winnetka is the intrusion of tree roots into the pipe. Trees need water to thrive, the roots of those that have been planted in close proximity to the main drain will, over time, head in the direction of the drain and eventually plug it tight. When the situation is dire the plumber will normally have to reroute the drain and cap off the drain that no longer functions.

If you sense that you have a main drain problem there is very little that you can do as the homeowner, you will have to hire a competent plumber that has all the right equipment. About the best the homeowner can do is shut the incoming water off and call a company that has the skill and experience to determine what the problem is and repair it.

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