Collaborate and Manage Transaction Data from One Centralized Location

It can be difficult keeping up with everyone where real estate transactions are concerned. Since there are so many parties that need constant updates concerning real-time information your brokerage could really benefit from an online real estate transaction system. When you provide a centralized location for data that can be accessed from anywhere you are giving your business the chance to increase through streamlined management. Consider the time that you’ll be saving with a user and mobile-friendly design that’s easy for clients, agents, and transaction members to understand. All of your transactions can be streamlined online while reducing your legal liability and eliminating manual processes and paperwork.

Enjoy the Many Benefits a Cloud-Based Transaction Management Solution Provides

The benefits of a cloud-based transaction management solution for your brokerage include greater brokerage management. You will have full visibility into every aspect of your real estate brokerage. Does having greater compliance management which can reduce errors and liability within a controlled approval process sound enticing? A cloud-based transaction management solution will give you this ability as well as detailed activity logs. You will be able to manage permissions for every one of your brokerage members while also being able to define brokerage workflows with custom templates and task lists.

Other Cloud Based Transaction Management Solutions Include the Following:

   * Document Management
   * MLS Integration
   * ZipForm Integration
   * E-Signature Integration
   * CRM Integration
   * Contact Management
   * Commission Tracking
   * Notifications
   * Unlimited Storage
   * Secure Data Protection

Dedicated Training Programs Are Available

Using this type of system includes a learning curve. It is understood that it may take some time for your agents to be able to adopt this new type of technology. This is why it’s very important that you consider providing them with a dedicated and world-class training program for your new cloud-based transaction management system. Professionals in the field can alleviate this burden by providing you with a dedicated training partner who can handle the training for you with no additional costs. They set up the training sessions when it’s convenient for you so your agents can become fluent in every product feature.

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