Evolution of the Venerable Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang, the car that started the muscle car wars. The Mustang was the first true American sports car and is the only one that has remained in continuous production since it was introduced. The 1964 ½ Ford Mustang remains the epitome of classic muscle cars for many collectors and enthusiasts alike. That is not to say that the Mustang has never had a poor iteration, but there is a reason so many car dealerships in Palatine and around the country still stock so many Mustangs.

Start of the Muscle Car Wars

Ford started the muscle car wars in 1964 during the half model year with the release of the brand new Ford Mustang. Up until this point, buyers did not have a good option for what is now known as a pony car, guess where the name came from. The Mustang let buyers have a small, light car with a big engine and a good looking design. First generation Mustangs came out before strict emissions regulations begun coming out. This lets them have large, powerful, but thirsty engines.

1970’s Oil Crisis

With the 1970’s came to the oil crisis. This is when government regulations really started to take off when it comes to emissions regulations. These caused a stranglehold on muscle cars, and they all suffered. Automakers at the time were simply not able to produce engines that could make the same power while meeting the new regulations. The biggest power reductions came from restricting the intake and decreasing compression. Decreasing the compression also allowed for the use of unleaded gas.

80’s Styling

Out with the old and in with the new, the 1980’s brought about the third-generation Mustang. Actually, it was 1979, but this car was all 80’s. The third-generation Mustang was based on the Fox platform and remains one of the most controversial Mustangs. This is because performance enthusiasts praise its easy upgradability and availability of parts. Mustang purists, on the other hand, tend to dislike its styling. No matter where you stand on the Fox body Mustang, there is no denying that this is a car born out of 80’s styling.

The Ford Mustang is still in production and is currently in its sixth generation. Even after over 50 years in production, the Ford Mustang remains one of the top sports cars on the market.

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