Clearing Up Misconceptions About Bed Bugs Per Companies Specializing In Pest Control in Grosse Ile

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Pest Control

Bed bugs are tiny insects that hitchhike their way into your mattress, sucking blood when you are sleeping. Just the thought of sharing your bed with these creatures is enough to give anyone chills. The best thing to do when you have a bed bug infestation is to call in Pest Control in Grosse Ile to take care of the problem for you, before the infestation spreads to other parts of your home. There are a few misconceptions about bed bugs out there that need to be cleared up; read on for a few of them.

The first thing you need to know is that bed bugs do not come from living in a nasty house. Five star hotels have contracted bed bug infestations, and those are kept spotlessly clean at all times. In other words, no matter how clean your home is, you can get bed bugs at any time. The best thing to do is make sure and call in companies specializing in Pest Control in Grosse Ile as soon as you realize that you have a problem, realizing it will not go away by itself, and will in fact, just continue to get worse.

The second misconception about bed bugs is that they just appear out of nowhere. Nine times out of 10, bed bugs hitch a ride on everything from your suitcases to the legs of your pants. They are common travellers, usually picked up in hotels, dorms, and other places where many people gather.

Once you have the professionals come in to take care of the problem for you, make sure you wash all of the bedding and linens in very hot water, putting everything in a very hot dryer, as well. You will not get rid of the bed bugs by just washing the bedding and then hanging it up to dry, as the eggs they lay need to be erradicated with extreme heat, and a clothes line on a sunny day will not give you the right type of heat. Call the professionals at Pest Masters Inc. to take care of your problem today.

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