Why Should You Get Help From a Divorce Attorney on Long Island?

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Divorces are something no married couple wants to go through. No matter how short or long your marriage was, it can still be a painful process. Divorces are even more difficult if there are children involved. This can lead to custody disputes and visitation problems. To ensure your rights are protected during your divorce, you need to make sure you hire a Divorce Attorney on Long Island. The attorney will work on your behalf, to ensure you have the best outcome possible in your divorce. This cannot guarantee the outcome, but it will certainly help you in feeling less stress and making the process go more smoothly.

What Can You Expect From the Divorce Process?
What occurs in your divorce depends on several factors. The length of your marriage, property owned and children can all have contributing effects to your divorce. If both parties are in agreement with the divorce, the process can go much more smoothly and faster. If one of the parties decides to contest the divorce, it can be a much longer and more difficult process to go through. Either way, your Divorce Attorney on Long Island will be working on your side, to ensure you are protected in every aspect of the proceedings.

Before a divorce can be granted, you will need to make the decision on which grounds you will file for. There are both fault and no-fault reasons. If you make the decision to choose a fault reason, you will need to be prepared to prove this reason in court. Your Divorce Attorney on Long Island will assist you on making the decision on your grounds and what to pursue in your divorce.

Once your hearing takes place, the judge will listen to both sides and allow them to present their cases. If any details cannot be agreed upon, the judge will make the final decision on these issues, such as custody disputes and assets splits. Once a divorce decree has been issued, your marriage has legally ended.

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