Braces Create More than Just Cosmetic Changes

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Dentist

When most people think of braces, they consider large metal and wire pieces that are attached to the teeth of teenagers in order to straighten to teeth. However, this impression of orthodontic care is not completely accurate. Today, many elementary-age children receive braces in Chicago Loop, and even adults receive orthodontic care with such options as Invisalign, which are nearly invisible on the teeth. Plus, braces and other orthodontic treatments provide more than just aesthetic help. They can also significantly improve the health of the teeth, gums and the entire body.

When the teeth are straight, they are quite easy to care for at home. Brushing removes surface plaque, and the absence of crooked teeth make it harder for tartar to build up on the enamel. Additionally, flossing the teeth becomes much easier, and individuals are more apt than ever to care for their teeth. This can decrease the incidence of cavities and gum disease, which can keep pain at bay and can reduce the incidence of bone loss in the jaw and eventual tooth loss.

Surprisingly to many, having braces in Chicago Loop can also improve full body health. The health of the teeth and gums are directly tied to the health of many other body systems, including the heart. This is because the bacteria in the mouth that can eventually lead to tooth decay can also reach many other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Additionally, gum disease can often be tied to premature birth.

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