A Brief History of Bathroom Hand Dryers

With all the advanced bathroom hand dryers for sale on the market today, it’s easy to see that this area has grown by leaps and bounds along with all the other areas of technology. The need for something more advanced than paper towels was felt way back in 1921 when the Airdry Corporation of New York patented what was then called the “electric towel.” Fast forward a few years to 1949, when Chicago-based inventor George Clemens, who generally gets credit for inventing the hand dryer, popularized it among the masses. That led to the founding of World Dryer, a company that dominated the market for years before it began to be outpaced by its competition.

While the original hand dryer was fairly simple in design and took about a minute to dry a person’s hands, the hand dryers for sale on the market today boast a 10-15 second drying time. They also include advancements such as HEPA filters, low electricity use, and high-performance motors. Improvements are being made all the time as companies compete with each other to see who can dry hands the fastest, safest, and quietest. This has led to rapid advancement and greater demand.

Those who manufacture paper towels have also taken notice of the growing use of hand dryers, giving rise to some debate about whether they are truly more sanitary than using paper towels. While research has been conducted in this area, it has largely been funded by those who produce paper towels, leading many to believe the results can’t be fully trusted. The one area where research is clear, however, is economics. There is no doubt that hand dryers can save a company significant amounts of money over time.

The debate over the best way to sanitize hands will likely continue well into the future, but in the meantime, there are many advanced hand dryer models available for those who want them. Visit the website for more details.

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