Benefits Of Seeing A Sedation Dentist In Chicago

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Dentistry

Many people have a fear of the dentist. In some cases, it’s an anxiety that prevents people from booking an appointment with their regular dentist or stops them from seeking out cosmetic dental work. In either case, it can prevent people from having the smile of their dreams, and can cause serious oral health issues at the same time. Thankfully, sedation dentistry is rising in popularity, making it an attractive way for anxious patients to still get the oral health work they need done without the fear and anxiety of enduring an entire visit. Here are just a few benefits of seeing a sedation dentist in Chicago.


The biggest advantage for many anxious patients is that there is no need to feel that anxiety leading up to or during your appointment. The sedation is done in a way that makes the patient feel relaxed before falling asleep, and in some cases can reduce the intensity of post-dental pain to the patient upon waking up. There are some patients who don’t suffer from dental phobia who would still benefit from sedation dentistry. These patients may have problems with their jaws or movement disorders that would make performing a dental procedure difficult, which can cause additional stress to the patient. By using sedation, it can help the procedure run smoothly without causing the patient to worry about the procedure.

Post-Dental Amnesia May Occur

Another huge benefit to many people who suffer from a fear of the dentist is that the use of sedation can result in a brief period of amnesia. The patient may not clearly recall the events of the dental visit, and in many cases this is an additional comfort. It reduces the chance that the patient will remember the anxiety felt during the session. In turn, this increases the likeliness of the patient returning to the dentist for the appropriate follow up work.

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