A Psychotherapist’s Diagnosis Can Impact Lives

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Health

For couples, dealing with an undiagnosed mental health issue can place an incredible strain on the relationship. This is very common in relationships, particularly if the individual is resistant to seeking help or to acknowledging there is an underlying mental health issue.

Often couples facing this type of issue, regardless of which partner may have a diagnosis, struggle for years to try to make the marriage work. However, because of the issue present that is not being addressed through counseling and treatment by a psychotherapist, the relationship cannot grow or even being to heal.

Remember, this is not because of an intentional or deliberate act by one or both people involved in the relationship. Issues such as anxiety disorders, trauma, unresolved grief, depression or other types of mental health conditions can develop slowly and over time, changing the person just as any type of health condition would.

The Solution

The best solution for couples that are noticing issues or patterns in their relationship that are creating problems is to see a psychotherapist. Look for a professional providing services for couples and schedule an appointment.

Often in this initial meeting, the mental health professional may identify the possibility of a mental health issue with one or both of the partners. Individual counseling may be indicated to assist in dealing with these underlying issues.

Sometimes this may occur in conjunction with sessions for couples counseling, or it may need to be treated as a priority before couples counseling sessions. If a person is not in a state to be open and able to work through couples counseling, it makes little sense to continue the process immediately.


Often with the diagnosis of a mental health disorder both of the partners have a sense of relief and understanding about the challenges they have been facing. The partner with the diagnosis will find the individual counseling is highly beneficial in changing thinking and behaving in a positive and meaningful way.

The partner that has been struggling to understand the changes in their loved one will also feel a sense of relief and often a significant level of compassion and understanding. What may have been perceived in the past to be hostile or deliberately challenging behaviors or interactions can now be seen in the light of a treatable or manageable disorder, not a willful action.

The result of a diagnosis by a psychotherapist can be instrumental in helping a couple resolve differences. It is also important in building new relationships and in managing interpersonal interactions in all aspects of life.

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