Baby Book Journal – Create and Share Beautiful Memories

Those first few days, weeks and months of a new baby’s life fly by faster than any new parent can imagine. Taking the time to chronicle the days, the achievements, growth and fun events in a baby’s life can help make storing these memories for the future a whole lot easier. This is where a baby book journal comes into play offering a bit of an advantage over a typical baby book that only allows single line reflections.

Why Choose a Journal?

A baby book journal is a more robust form of a baby book that makes an excellent gift for new parents. This type baby book goes beyond the norm and really enables parents to safeguard precious memories for reflection upon years down the road. When it’s time to pick a gift for a new baby, this type of baby book is excellent because it:

  • Enables parents to record the milestones – There’s nothing saying a journal cannot contain the same basic information as a standard baby book. Developmental milestones, such as height, weight, accomplishments like rolling over, sitting up and so on can all be recorded for future recollection.
  • Enables parents to expound on events – A journal simply offers more space for parents to reflect on each day, week or month of a baby’s life. The freeform style of this type of baby book simply enables more of the parents’ personality to show, which is something that is likely to be cherished by baby down the road, too.
  • Gives parents an ability to save more visual keepsakes – Journal pages are ideal for saving and storing baby’s first drawings, photos from special days, scrapbook type items and more. When this type of baby book is selected, what results is a greater chronicle of baby’s life, interactions, milestones, achievements and more. This type of book simply enables more personality to shine through than a standard, fill-in-the-blanks baby book.

When a new baby arrives in the world, time seems to speed up for parents. Helping them records the precious moments is one of the greatest gifts a friend or loved one can give. A baby book journal is the perfect platform for doing so because it enables parents to record more of a child’s life if they so choose.

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