Get a Healthy Home Using Green Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Green cleaning services in Atlanta focus highly on the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The premise behind this method of cleaning is to leave you with a home that sparkles, smells fresh and clean, and simultaneously takes away the dangers that can be found in regular cleaning. Your family and friends who encounter these products are at risk. Regular cleaning methods are harsh on the surfaces, and there is also a health risk to both humans and animals. Avoid all of these potential damages and dangers that can occur with chemical cleaning solvents by jumping on the green bandwagon.

What Makes Green Cleaning Different From Regular Cleaning?

The main idea behind using Green cleaning services in Atlanta is to reduce the carbon footprint that cleaning products and techniques have on the environment as a whole. Concern for health issues relating to cancer-causing chemicals is also a driving force behind proper green cleaning companies. While the products that are used for cleaning your home are eco-friendly that is only a portion of what makes this type of cleaning Green.

Instead of using paper towels, newspaper, or other materials for wiping and dusting that are one-use only, Green cleaning services in Atlanta use equipment such as microfiber cloths, which are reusable and re-washable, and do not commonly break off into particles with each swipe of the cloth that invade the air you breathe. Another method generally employed by Green cleaning services in Atlanta is the use of HEPA filters on vacuums and air delivery and exchange systems. This greatly reduces the number of allergens that make their way back into the air that is breathed by anyone in your home. Specialized systems for the delivery of cleaning solutions are utilized as opposed to under-pressure spray containers. Naturally-sourced disinfectants are a large part of keeping your home safe and germ-free.

Are the Products Used During the Cleaning Process Safe?

Absolutely! With environmental issues at the forefront of today’s media, Green cleaning services in Atlanta are becoming more the way to go. Green cleaning products and methods are safe not only for the environment, but they are also safe for your children and pets as well. There is no danger breathing in the fumes from Green cleaners.

Are Green Cleaning Services Expensive?

No. With more and more consumers choosing to go the Green route, demand and competition has driven prices down in recent years. The health advantages alone make this environmentally-conscious choice almost priceless. Educating clients on the benefits of Green cleaning and living is also one of the services that are offered free of charge.

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