Addressing Fat Below the Chin With Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Rochester, MI

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Health

In the past, there have been multiple treatments to address things like wrinkles at the corners of the eyes or imperfections near the corners of the mouth. But what about the fat that tends to accumulate under the chin? Aside from adding pounds to a person’s appearance, this fat tends to have an aging element as well. There aren’t a lot of exercises or treatments that focus on that area specifically without delving into plastic surgery. With the help of a Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Rochester MI, patients can now deal with that stubborn fat and add to their overall appearance.

The contents of the Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Rochester MI are identical to the deoxycholic acid that the body already produces. For many patients, this adds a little extra peace of mind about the injection and its purpose. It works to help the body absorb fat which can be key when it comes to facial appearance. This injection, when done correctly, works to tear apart the fat located in the chin area. As fat cells are destroyed, this area of the body continues to look better over time. The long term goal is to get rid of fat in the chin region that can be otherwise tough to target.

Patients can receive multiple injections during one visit and then come in for multiple appointments to continue the work of the deoxycholic acid depending on the results. There is no one size fits all treatment. Each patient is treated on a case by case basis, with a treatment plan that is catered to his or her appearance goals. Ideally, at the end of the work, patients walk away with an improved neck area and a little bit of added self-confidence.

It is important that injections be administered by a licensed, health care professional. Injections placed in the wrong area can cause unwanted side effects including the destruction of skin cells. Before going ahead with any type of procedure, including injections, set up a consultation to learn more about the process and find out which one will work best for you. To find an individual that is trained to handle these type of injections, as well as other appearance-changing procedures, check out website or their Facebook page.

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