A Glimpse at Dialysis Nurses

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Kidney dialysis is a type of life-support treatment. Patients who need dialysis are hooked up to a special machine. The machine essentially takes the place of the kidney, filtering harmful wastes as well as salt and excess fluid from their blood. The procedure helps restore a patient’s blood back to balanced levels.


There are 2 types of kidney dialysis. These includes:

*   Hemodialysis. This procedure is when blood is filtered with the use of a dialyzer along with a dialysis machine, according to WebMD.

  Peritoneal dialysis. Blood isn’t filtered through a machine but inside the body. However, this can only be carried out after the abdomen has been filled with a special cleaning solution.

Dialysis Nurses

A dialysis nurse job typically covers procedures involved in administering dialysis care to patients. These nurses fall under a larger specialty—nephrology nurses. These nurses have more than an average knowledge of a patient’s body. Being a nephrology nurse means one has the necessary training and skills, along with in-depth knowledge of kidney diseases—that make them the ideal car provider of anyone suffering from kidney problems.
Essentially, these nurses provide support to patients as well as medicate and monitor them throughout the treatment to ensure nothing goes wrong or that, if something does, they’ll be there to take care of their patients.

Work Environment

There are a number of dialysis nurses who are registered nurses or are advanced practice nurses. Many hold a traveling position or work in a single hospital. These nurses also enjoy more regular hours as well as have more opportunities for career advancement. If you’re thinking about a career in nursing, this is a solid specialization to consider.


Nurses who want to learn how to work in this kind of setting need to have critical care experience and/or formal training by a licensed and registered Hemodialysis school or an accredited program. There are plenty of places you can get additional education to provide you with the necessary training you need. Explore those choices.

The more training you receive, the sooner you can improve your skill set and knowledge, adding to your value as a prospective employee in the future. So if you want to be a part of people’s lives, administering care and providing support, this is one position you can consider.

Dialysis nurses take on a whole lot of work. If you think you’re up for the challenge, then set out to get the necessary training you need.

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