5 Things to Know about Installing an Infrared Sauna in Your Hotel

Studies show that guests are much more likely to book hotels and spas with the latest amenities. Everyone wants a little bit of luxury in their daily lives, after all. That’s why having the industry standard – or better – is a must for your establishment. Infrared sauna has been shown to be safer, more comfortable and more beneficial for your health than traditional saunas, making it the top choice for updating your offerings. Here are just a few things to consider when installing an infrared sauna in Boca Raton hotels, resorts and spas:

Highlight Health Benefits

Many types of saunas are ideal for contributing to weight loss. Going to a sauna also helps remove toxins from the body. It can also work as a cardiovascular exercise since the cardiovascular system will need to work harder to get rid of the heat. Using saunas can also increase blood flow, reducing blood circulation problems, says Wellness Mama. By highlighting these advantages, you can easily draw more customers to your hotel. This could boost guest numbers and help improve your ROI.

Protect Your Guests

While sauna use is generally considered safe, it’s not the right treatment for everyone. You’ll want to emphasize to all your guests that they will need to check with a doctor first before you step into the sauna. By posting enough warning signs, you can look after the wellbeing and health of your guests.

Provide Instructions

You will likely have guests who have never used a sauna before. You’ll want to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed about the experience. Provide ample instructions posted in strategic places in the sauna area to familiarize your guests with the process. Doing so will ensure that your guests have a good working knowledge of what to expect when they come in to use your sauna.

Shop for a New One

If you already have a sauna in place but you’re using one in need of an update or overhaul, then it might be time for an upgrade. Shop around for an infrared sauna in Boca Raton for better options, and be sure to do so with a reputable sauna retailer. Investing in a great new piece of equipment for your facility will bring in more business – and leave your guests happier than ever!

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