Why Welding With CD Studs Is Popular

Welding with CD studs is very popular today because it is an established technology that has been used for over 50 years. For people looking for an uncomplicated, quick, and useful welding process that applies to many projects in many industries, welding with CD studs is the process many people turn to.

Easy Process

Welding with CD studs is straightforward: Just use an ignition tip on the end to create the arc, which transfers the energy and melts the end of the fastener to the metal, creating a reliable weld. Using high-quality equipment, virtually anyone can create a reliable welding within a second.


One of the greatest benefits of working with CD studs is speed. Virtually every welding process takes .006-.012 seconds – that’s just 1/8 of a second at most! This quick process enables the welding process to be quite useful in many projects in many industries. This type of welding works very well with automation thanks to how fast it can be done by virtually anyone.

Another additional benefit is that the base material penetration is between .0002-.006 inches – that’s less than 1/100th of an inch at most. As a result, this type of welding does very little to the reverse side of the workpiece. Additionally, the fast speed leads to very little heat being transferred, so, again, the workpiece suffers virtually no damage to its reverse side.


The uses for this type of welding are numerous. One example includes signs that one sees while out and about. The fact that the backside of the sign is undamaged makes welding with these studs a perfect choice, as there is a secure attachment between the sign and the building it is on.

Another example are the elevator buttons most people see every day when going to work in office buildings, governmental buildings, and more. People only see the buttons, but there are many attachments and welding on the reverse side, which is why this type of welding lends itself well to attaching elevator buttons to a wall to operate needed elevators.

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