5 Qualities to Look for in a Family Lawyer

When you need an excellent Hoffman Estates family lawyer, you want to be sure that they can properly represent you in a court of law. It isn’t always easy to determine what the most important things are to look for, though. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five qualities your new attorney should have.

Legal Knowledge

You may think that any lawyer is going to have the same level of knowledge as any other lawyer. This isn’t true. Laws change all the time and it is important that the attorney you choose is constantly involved in legal education to stay on top of their game. You want an attorney who can admin when they don’t know something but are willing to look it up. This is the sign of a lawyer who is honest and cares about you and your case.


Law is just as specialized as medicine is these days. A Hoffman Estates family lawyer who is determined to be up to date on every nuance of law is not going to the have the same experience in every situation. It’s best to choose an attorney who has spent lots of time dealing with cases very similar to your own. You can ask them for references and find out how many cases they’ve been in to get an accurate idea of experience.


Your attorney could be the best attorney in the state, but if they never have time to see you, you could be in some trouble. You need a lawyer who has time to deal with emergency issues that come up. This is especially important in family law as things like child abduction, domestic violence, and more can happen on a dime. You need someone you know will be there.


A lawyer who can think outside the box is a lawyer who has the adaptability to handle anything. They can often identify problems in advance and find unique ways to get past them. You want a lawyer who has skill strategizing, as a lot of your case will rest on that ability.


Cost matters. But at the same time, it’s not the only thing that matters. You do not want to hire the attorney who is half the price of everyone else, has little experience, and can’t promise they’ll be available for emergencies. It’s always worth paying a little more to get a lawyer who you feel confident can represent you well.

Specialized & Experienced

If you are looking for an attorney in Hoffman Estates, make sure to visit the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C. The attorneys are experience in family law and there to make sure you come out on top. To set up a free consultation, you can send us a message from www.Lawyer-IL.com.

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