Tips for Optimizing Your Addiction Treatment Marketing

Your treatment center focuses on one thing – helping individuals make their way through the different stages of rehabilitation and overcoming addiction. Because of that, it is probably very disheartening and frustrating to hear that you must also put on another hat and do addiction treatment marketing, as well. Almost all modern businesses require teams of marketers who can help them navigate the complex waters of the internet and social media as these are where most marketing occurs.

Long gone are the days when your addiction treatment marketing could be summed up as a large yellow pages ad or a glossy brochure. Instead, today you are going to find it necessary to build a rather complex system of interconnected materials, messages and sites. Just consider, your addiction treatment marketing will involve:

  • Your website – This has to be more than a home page with a “contact us” button. It has to tell the story of the treatment center, programs, history, team members or staff, the mission of the program, approaches, and more.
  • SEO – This is more than just good web content with the right words. It is an ongoing process in which the pages of your website are updated with new and dynamic text, blogs must be added and used in ways that allow people to link back to them and lead the audience to your site. It has to be geographically oriented as well and can be one of the most complex parts of marketing imaginable.
  • Social media – Your treatment program must have a social media presence whether that is through helpful videos on YouTube, a Facebook page or profile, a LinkedIn page or even an Instagram or Twitter account. In fact, it is better if you have more than one channel since your audience may come from different locations.
  • Blog – Used to share more information about your programs, your mission or simply health tips for people dealing with addiction or loved ones in addiction treatment. You won’t make this about any sales, but you do have to have a blog.

As you can see, it is getting complicated to handle addiction treatment marketing on your own, and you really shouldn’t. Instead, you should focus on running the addiction treatment center and doing what you do best. However, if growth is essential, then you do have to reach out with this sort of marketing and there are expert services ready to help you with just that.

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