5 Painting Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire Commercial Painters

by | May 16, 2018 | Business

Painting mistakes can lead to immeasurable stress and headache. Read on to know pitfalls you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Lack of preparation

Any painting crew worth its salt knows how important proper prep work is. New coats of paint will adhere to your walls better if the wall is scrubbed clear of any existing paint, says the Huffington Post. If the crew just skips over the prep work, then that’s not a good sign. Look for a commercial painting company in Kansas City MO that knows and does what it takes to ensure a proper paint job.

Forgetting about the tape  

Attention to detail matters. Hire a crew of professionals who don’t cut corners. They go through the steps. They put in painter’s tape no matter how time-consuming this is to get those crisp edges and prevent bleeding. That’s the kind painting crew you’ll want working on your office walls.

Not protecting your surroundings

Experienced pros from a good commercial painting company in Kansas City MO knows the basics. That means they won’t leave your surroundings unprotected. They can help you move all your office furniture around and use a drop cloth to cover every inch of your floors. This will keep paint splatters from leaving marks on your floors.

Using no primer

A primer makes it much easier for the paint to stick to your walls. Without it, the paint on your walls isn’t going to last for much too long. If you want your walls to look vibrant and new for as long as possible, then make sure your painting crew uses a primer.

Picking the wrong one

Hire the services of the right painting company. Pick one that offers Fresh Coat Paint and Stain House Painting Services along with other painting services so they can handle all the repainting needs of your office.

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