3 Signs You Need A Sewer Inspection In Minneapolis

The sewer is not something people spend a lot of time contemplating how effectively it is working. However, when a sewer line has a problem, there are often a range of different signs a savvy homeowner can detect so they know to call for a sewer inspection in Minneapolis.

The two major reasons people need a sewer inspection in Minneapolis are because of clogs or stoppages or because of leaks. Leaks in the sewer are particularly problematic because of the waste water that is present. Leaks can create a risk of bacterial contamination, and it may actually go one for a long time before being discovered and repaired.

Unexplained Grass Growth

If you suddenly notice your lawn seems to be much greener and growing much faster in some spots than others, it may be a sewer problem. If this growth is along an area close to part of your sewer line there can be a leak.

Sometimes tree roots, heaving of the soil or even shifts in the foundation of the home can create the breaks in the line. With a sewer inspection in Minneapolis these issues can be detected and fixed, eliminating the problem.

Odors in the Home

Odors in the home can happen when the air vents are plugged and sewer gas is backing up through the system. With a sewer inspection in Minneapolis these vent stacks will be checked, cleaned and vent caps may need to be replaced.

Odors can also be caused by the presence of mold and mildew. If the sewer leak is in the floor or under the home, it causes additional moisture around the floor and base of the walls in the home as well as in the basement.

Slow Drains

A sewer inspection in Minneapolis will check all your sewer lines to determine if there is build up on the inside of the pipes that can cause a noticeable slowdown of the drains in the home.

Typically with a sewer issue as opposed to a single clogged drain, all drains, including the toilet, showers, bathtubs and sinks will drain slowly. Often this gets worse as the day progresses and more water is pushed through the sewer lines.

You may want to consider a sewer inspection in Minneapolis every year or even other year, especially with an older home and sewer system. However, if you experience any signs of a sewer problem call early before it gets worse.

At Drain King, we can complete a full sewer inspection service in Minneapolis if you are experiencing any problems in your sewer system. To learn more visit us at Drainkinginc.com.

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