Facts About EPIK South Korea

If you are planning to teach English abroad, you may be looking into going to South Korea. English teaching is in high demand in this East Asian country. In your research, you may run one program. This is EPIK South Korea.

What is EPIK South Korea?

EPIK South Korea was a particular program established by the Korean Ministry of Education in 1995. At the time, the name given to the program was LORETTA – short for Korea English Teacher Training Assistants. The current term of EPIK is an acronym for “English Program in Korea.”
EPIK South Korea was established with a specific goal in mind – to improve the English language capabilities of South Korean students and teachers. At the same time, it was implemented to encourage the development of cultural exchanges with the various English-speaking nations. It is operated in co-operation with a division of the country’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST).

The result of the establishment of EPIK South Korea has been a vast improvement in the ability and amount of South Koreans who now speak English. It has encouraged cultural exchanges on a major level. At the same time, it has resulted in the employment of more than 1,000 teachers arriving annually to teach English to South Koreans. They find themselves living in any of the nation’s provinces and working in rural and urban schools.

Organization of EPIK South Korea

As noted above, the major overseeing agency is a branch of MEST. This is the National Institute for International Education (NIIED). They are in charge of recruitment for the program and provide the visiting or guest teachers with support. Operating from Seoul, NIIED works together with the various Provincial Offices of Education (POE) to provide whatever assistance they can to the visiting English teachers. They help out in daily as well as work-related matters.

Where will you Teach?

As an EPIK South Korea teacher, you may be sent to teach English in any of the country’s nine official provinces. You do not always get a choice. It is a matter of who applies first. If you do not know or lack a specific choice, the decision will be made for you. POE will make your choice and arrange with you or your agency to be sent there for the length of time of your contract. You could be teaching English in an elementary or secondary school. Alternatively, POE may decide to send you to work in another educational facility in their jurisdiction. Therefore, if you know where you want to teach, it becomes imperative, you send in your application early.

Teaching Through EPIK South Korea

If you want to teach abroad in South Korea, you have some means of doing so. The most common method is through a program provided in conjunction with the government and its branches. Talk to a recruiting agency about how EPIK South Korea can work in your favor.

If you are considering becoming involved with EPIK South Korea, make sure you know the facts. Be sure to get in touch with those who have been working at supplying employment for qualified English speaking teachers in reputable South Korean schools. Contact the professionals at ESL Job Link. They have the experience and the capability of matching you with the chance of a lifetime. Expand your knowledge in new directions while helping teach children or youth some valuable skills. Top learn more, visit esljoblink.com.

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