3 Perks of Living in Furnished Apartments

Many furnished apartments in Kenya offer all the comforts of home with some attractive perks. Whether you’re looking for a short- or long-term residence, these furnished apartments provide roomy living spaces, pleasant interiors, and dining and fitness amenities that can elevate your daily living experience. The combination of floor plan, design and onsite facilities creates an especially comfortable living situation.

Spacious Interiors

Most furnished apartments in Kenya accommodate one to four adults, offering floor plans that range from 300 to more than 800 square feet. Typically, the open-plan layout of most studio, attic and executive apartments features a fully equipped kitchen, a living and dining area, and one to two bedrooms. The bedrooms provide ample storage space in the form of built-in wardrobes.

Pleasing Aesthetics

The design of the apartments includes contemporary touches such as modern fixtures, special lighting and private balconies. The emphasis is on personal space in a luxurious setting, which is reflected in the carefully chosen living and dining furnishings. Complementary colors, materials and textures add to the overall design aesthetic, creating an elegant environment. Residents can come home to a calm and relaxing environment at the end of a busy day.

Lifestyle Amenities

Many furnished apartments in Kenya offer onsite dining and fitness amenities in support of residents’ professional and personal lives. From breakfast buffets and menus full of delicious and healthy options to gymnasiums stocked with treadmills and weight and cycling machines, residents can enjoy opportunities for improved health and fitness.

As you can see, there are some real perks to living in furnished apartments—from abundant personal space in an elegant environment to health and fitness pursuits. From individuals to couples and families, the apartments can accommodate a diversity of living situations. The convenient location of the website close to business and retail districts also means that residents can choose to take advantage of many more professional services and leisure-time activities.

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