3 Services Top Wisconsin General Contractors Provide

Developers and property owners in the state of Wisconsin that are used to working with general contractors understand how important these companies are to any project. The contractors act as project supervisors and overseers, keeping things on schedule and logistically planning the project for maximum efficiency and order.

While this type of role is essential for any general contractor, there are a small number of the very best contractors that offer a host of other services as well. Often, developers don’t know about these other services until they work with these top companies.

To understand what additional services that top general contractors offer and how they can help any project, here are three important considerations that can be critical to the budget and timeline for any size of construction job.

Pre-Construction Support

The biggest area where the general contractor can provide direction and management services is in the pre-construction phase. With their experience in similar projects and their understanding of project logistics and management, they can be instrumental in three important areas.

* Budget and Procurement – not only is it important to have a realistic budget that is broken down by categories and subcategories, it is also essential to be able to procure materials at the quality needed and within the budgeted amounts. Additionally, for long lead time materials, planning when to order to ensure delivery as needed in the construction phase will be critical to keeping on schedule.

* Subcontractor qualifications – managing all the bidding from subcontractors, vetting companies and prequalifying subcontractors for a job is essential. Top contractors may already have a top roster of subcontractors to draw from.

* Permits – top general contractors will be able to assess and apply for permits as needed on the project. This itself can be a challenge and requires a complete understanding of the local, state and national requirements to ensure permits are obtained or even expedited for the project start date.

The best Wisconsin general contractors are ready and able to help as needed in the pre-construction phase. These professionals can be invaluable in pre-planning for any size of project.

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