3 Common Problems With Your General Thermostat Operation

Everyone wants to keep their heat and air up to speed the best way that they know how. Often times, in the middle of winter or summer, something starts to malfunction and home-owners are quick to assume that it is a problem with the furnace or AC unit. However, most of the time, these simple problems stem from an issue with the thermostat. Here are a few common problems you may experience with your General Thermostat Operation.

The Furnace or AC Will Not Start

One common problem is that the thermostat causes the furnace or AC unit not to start. First, check to make sure that there is power getting from the unit to the thermostat and vice versa. Check to make sure that there are no corroded wires or loose bolts in the thermostat and also make sure the device is not excessively dirty. Any of these issues can cause the connection to be lost and block any receptors that are meant to turn the units on.

The Thermostat Inaccurately Reads Temperature

If you notice that the temperature on your thermostat does not accurately reflect the temperature of your home, there may be something wrong. First, check to make sure everything is clean inside the thermostat because that can easily interfere with readings. Also, make sure that the thermostat is level and placed in a centralized area of the home.

The Unit Runs Constantly

Sometimes, people have problems with their unit running constantly or cutting off and on excessively throughout the day. This can be caused by the receptors in the thermostat being damaged. Check to make sure there is no dirt build-up that could be blocking anything and also make sure that the thermostat does not need adjusting.

As you can see, there are a lot of different problems that your General Thermostat Operation could experience. It is important to be familiar with these issues so that you do not pass it off as a damaged unit or anything like that. If you realize that your thermostat is malfunctioning or damaged, be sure to get it diagnosed and fixed immediately to improve your experience.

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