Examples of Pranks Gone Wrong

Aprils Fools Day may only come once a year but that doesn’t stop many people from pulling pranks on their friends, co-workers and loved ones all year round. A well-executed prank can be a thing of beauty but what happens when a pranks gone wrong? When pranks go wrong there can be drastic and sometimes even fatal consequences.

Pranks Gone Wrong and Lead to a Big Bill and an Arrest

One high school senior decided to end his year with a bang and play a prank on the girls in his class. So after school was out he dressed in all black and carried a large box containing a blow up sex doll into the girls’ locker room. The only problem was that school officials who spied him sneaking into the locker room thought had had a bomb and they evacuated the whole school and called in the Police. When all was said and done the school received a bill for over $8,000. Officials then decided to make an example out of the hapless teen so they arrested him and charged him with institutional criminal mischief.

Pranks Gone Wrong That Lead to Death

Two teenage boys thought it would be a great prank to put plastic wrap over an area stop sign so that it was obscured from the view of passing drivers. While many motorists passed through the tampered intersection with no problems one elderly woman was not so lucky. As she passed through the intersection she was struck by a car coming in the opposite direction. As a result of the accident she had to have her leg amputated and her sister, who was a passenger in her car, was killed. The pranksters, who had bragged about their prank online, were arrested and pled guilty to reckless homicide.

Pranks Gone Wrong and Send People to the Hospital

In another example of pranks gone wrong students decided to treat their teachers to a homemade cake made with marijuana. As a result of eating the tainted cake many of the staff members ended up in the hospital. In a similar example of pranks gone wrong teens laced a cake they brought to the office of their school with laxatives and sent several staffers to a nearby hospital.

There is nothing wrong with being funny and pulling off a good clean prank or joke on someone. But the next time you want to pull a prank think about what effect it will have on the people around you and avoid anything like the above pranks gone wrong.

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