What You Need to Know to Prevent Lime Scale

Lime scale is what you see when you look inside your toilet, sink, and tub, or on your faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. Not only is it unattractive to look at, if left untreated there are numerous problems it can cause. To prevent lime scale deposits effectively, it is essential to understand what causes them.

Causes of Lime Scale Deposition

Minerals found in limestone or chalk rock collect together as water infiltrates through the soil and ground, collecting in aquifers. These collected minerals remain in the ground water until they are eventually carried out into the water supply. From this point it is inevitable that they will surface in water and central heating systems. Once inside these systems, over time a build-up occurs and results in premature component failure, loss of efficiency, and blockages in the pipes.

The name for these deposits of minerals is lime scale, and the primarily consist of magnesium and calcium carbonates which are usually insoluble. Heating water which contains the soluble form of bicarbonate salts leaves behind lime scale deposits.

Factors That Contribute to Lime Scale Build-up

There are several different factors that are significant contributors to the build-up of lime scale.  Some of these factors include elevated temperature, elevated pH in the water, and a high level of hardness (usually temporary).

What Should be Done to Prevent Lime Scale?

Learning to prevent lime scale is always better than having to pay for a cure. People who use central heating systems can prevent lime scale with the addition of a product specially designed to provide long-term protection against deposits. Residential hot water systems will benefit from the addition of products aimed at reducing the amount of scale present in the water. Some products target certain appliances while others work throughout the home.

What if There Is Already Contamination?

For systems that are currently contaminated with lime scale, clean up will need to be done before you need to worry about how to prevent lime scale. In order to clean up lime scale that is present in central heating systems, hot water systems, kettles, heat exchangers, and shower heads, a descaler will be needed.

Descalers work to quickly remove the lime scale that causes blockages and other problems. One-time use products can be purchased, along with more permanent solutions. For the best results on a recurring basis, think about installing a water descaling system. They are similar to water softeners except that they do not actually soften the water. Instead, they remove the lime scale which makes the water feel softer naturally.

After learning to prevent lime scale from returning, benefits noticeable immediately will include water that seems softer, the need to use less detergents and soaps, and dishes that are cleaner and film-free.

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