Why You Should Start Looking into Breezesta Outdoor Furniture and Other “Green” Products

As you might have already guessed, the Breezesta Outdoor Furniture line is made up of eco-friendly products made out of recycled materials. The furniture is specifically made out of recycled water bottles and plastic milk jugs, and is also fondly referred to as “plastic milk jug furniture”. Each piece from this particular line of furniture is the equivalent of 400 milk jugs that would otherwise end up in the landfills. Apart from the obvious eco-advantages, there are also some great advantages to choosing this type of outdoor furniture.

The first advantage of eco-friendly furniture, particularly Breezesta furniture in this case is that you know what goes into the furniture. The company only uses products that they know to be clean and safe. Everything is sorted, decontaminated and washed on site at a special plant to ensure that only the best recycled products get into the furniture. By handling their own recycling, such companies play a vital role in environmental protection while at the same time ensuring that their products are safe for use.

Breezesta and other such outdoor furniture is also built to last making this a particularly worthy investment. Other types of furniture are open to degradation on account of long-term exposure to the elements. Webbing for example will tear over time, while metal will rust and wood splinter. Poly furniture on the other hand is built specifically to withstand the elements and can be left outside for long periods of time and still retain its original look and usability. The furniture will not fade, stain, grow mold and/or mildew and will retain a uniform color over the long-term. All this is achieved with little maintenance.

Finally, Breezesta Outdoor Furniture and other types of furniture made to this standard are sturdy and extremely durable. Such furniture utilizes new innovations in joint construction. In place of the traditional corner joint, a more effective mortise and tenon construction is used. The advantages of this kind of joint include furniture that doesn’t wobble, is strong and neat; joints cannot be seen at a glance and furniture that lasts a long time without falling apart. Eco-friendly furniture is definitely the way of the future where home outdoor furniture and fixtures are concerned. It is important to deal with reputable dealers such as Brandster that carry such lines of products to ensure that you are getting genuine furniture that guarantees a good return on your investment.

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