How is Botox used on the face?

Lines form on a person’s face and neck, injections of Botox are frequently used to smooth and soften them. Botox is used when a person has lines appear on the forehead and between the eyebrows; it is also very useful for softening crow’s feet which are the tiny lines that develop around the eyes. Doctors also use Botox for the face around the mouth area and although its use is not that common in these areas, it can be used on the chin and jaw as well.

Over the years a person’s face can develop wrinkles which are caused by the natural motions of the face. Botox for the face can be used to soften lines which have developed because of years of frowning or wrinkling the forehead due to intense concentration. Although frowning is one thing, lines also appear around the eyes and mouth due to years of smiling and laughing. Smoking cigarettes requires a very repetitive movement of the face, Botox can also be administered to smooth and soften the lines caused by pursing the lips to draw in smoke.

There is a common condition called “falling brow,” this is a development seen in the forehead and is caused by the facial muscles, especially those in the forehead area lose their muscle tone. Botox injections will fix the effects of this condition. A person who does suffer from falling brow looks considerably older as a result of the skin drooping, a chemical brow lift is done by injecting Botox into the area.

It is important that those who get Botox for the face realize that the injections are not permanent and although Botox is very effective in removing, smoothing and softening wrinkles in the face, it is only temporary. In most cases the treatment will last for at least three months and perhaps longer depending on the facial lines in the first place. There is absolutely no reason why a person cannot have further Botox injections as the effect wears off, there is even evidence that repeat injections make the Botox last longer and longer.

It is interesting to note that treatments involving Botox actually use botulism toxin, the same toxin that can cause a deadly form of food poisoning. It has no harmful effects however when it is injected in the face, what it does do is paralyze the facial muscles temporarily; it is this that makes Botox for the face so effective in reducing facial wrinkles.

Botox for the face was introduced into common use in 2002 and ever since then this USDA approved toxin has been used to smoothen and soften the skin of millions of people. You are invited to visit Regency Medical Spa for your Botox injections; you will see a definite improvement in a matter of days.

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