Why You Need A Specialist Search And Rescue Company

There are a lot of jobs out there that you may not even have paid thought to but in fact, some of these lines of work are extremely important and without them, various industries could suffer. For example, the oil and gas industry will depend on help from a specialist search and rescue company if a mishap occurs, such as a marine environmental spill or an unexpected fire. If you work in the oil and gas industry and want to gain peace of mind that everything will be dealt with in a swift and controlled manner should the worst happen, find out what a company of this kind could do for you.

Emergency Management Services

Working under pressure is not something we are all able to do. In fact, it can be pretty debilitating, particularly if someone else’s life is in your hands! This is something that a specialist search and rescue company will have to deal on a regular basis. For example, should the emergency management team find a person trapped on a mountain, they will use their resources and skills to send help and return that individual to safe ground, before determining what level of medical care they need (if any).

Fire Fighting

How fast can a fire actually spread, you ask? Well, how fast can a person really run, you should be asking! Flames can erupt and spread rapidly, destroying everything in their path. It’s not just the heat of the fire that can damage properties and risk people’s lives but also, it is the smoke produced by the flames. When smoke fills a room and is inhaled by its occupants, there is a big chance that those people will deal with respiratory problems as a result or worse, die. Smoke can also cause irreparable damage to the interior of a building. Fire fighters who work for a specialist search and rescue company will deal with building and forest fires. Aside from putting out the fire, they will search for people who may be trapped, too.

On-the-Spot Medical Care

Someone who is losing a lot of blood as a result of a head injury or individuals who may be injured following a big earthquake or natural disaster will need to receive aid as soon as possible. A specialist search and rescue company’s team will medically care for those people affected in their exact location, because moving them or waiting around could be critical.

The team at Parabellum regularly undergo emergency response training. To find out about this specialist search and rescue company, call +61 9285 6100.

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